Archive of Past Public Audio Recordings
Only introductions and speaker portions of programs are included in these publicly posted audio files, recorded at Prairie Sunday services between 1984 and the present. Click on mp3 in the last column to listen online. Right click if you wish to download the mp3 file to your computer. For a brief description of more recent programs below visit our podcast page. If you have a cassette tape player, see the list of Sunday service audio cassettes that the Archives Committee is now giving away.
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Online Audio Recordings
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Year‑Mo‑DayProgram titleSpeakerLengthListen
2024-06-02 Wisconsin Hmong 101 Mai Zong Vue 34:12 mp3
2024-04-28 Brighter Skies and Better Days Rob Brink 20:07 mp3
2024-04-21 Songs Celebrating Earth Day Ken Lonnquist, Esperé Eckard-Lee 1:04:39 mp3
2024-04-14 If You Can't Stand the Heat - Suffrage in the Kitchen Robin Proud 27:36 mp3
2024-04-07 Earth Day - Walking The Talk Gary Gates 29:37 mp3
2024-03-31 The Call of Easter: The Varied Ways UU's Find Meaning at Eastertide Rev. Ralph Tyksinski 23:46 mp3
2024-03-03 International Religious Connections and Organizations   [Slides] Rev. Ralph Tyksinski, Peter Marion, Nick Schweitzer 31:24 mp3
2024-02-18 Porchlight's Response to Homelessness in Dane County Karla Thennes 32:36 mp3
2024-01-28 Searching for a Bird and Finding the Interdependent Web   [Slides] Anne Pryor 25:48 mp3
2024-01-21 Love One Another: King James Holy Bible Rev. Anthony Wade 21:35 mp3
2024-01-14 Answering the Call for Civil Rights Mary Mullen, Bob Park, Rev. Ralph Tyksinski 26:09 mp3
2024-01-07 Star Trekking Home: Welcoming Ourselves Rev. Pamela Rumancik 20:56 mp3
2023-12-03 Humanism: In Command or in Crisis? Rev. Dr. Michael A. Schuler 43:26 mp3
2023-11-12 On Gratitude Ilene Haykusi 16:37 mp3
2023-10-15 Emerson's Refulgent Religion Rev. Ralph Tyksinski 25:42 mp3
2023-10-08 Parliament of World's Religions: What, Who, When, Why Rev. Ralph Tyksinski 31:30 mp3
2023-09-17 Unitarian Universalism and the Belief in God Ilene Haykus 18:57 mp3
2023-08-27 The Heroine with 1001 Faces Robin Proud 28:13 mp3
2023-08-06 What Happens When We Die? Ilene Haykus 18:47 mp3
2023-07-16 The Last Freie Gemeinde: The Free Congregation of Sauk County   [Slides] Nick Schweitzer 31:37 mp3
2023-07-02 Moving On Rev. Matt Aspin 20:23 mp3
2023-06-25 Trust Pregnant People Johanna Hatch 31:10 mp3
2023-06-11 Moving Towards Balance Rev. Matt Aspin 25:03 mp3
2023-05-28 Moving Towards Peace Rev. Matt Aspin 27:48 mp3
2023-05-21 Will China Spark WWIII? Ed Friedman 30:15 mp3
2023-04-23 Federal Funding Makes Clean Energy More Affordable for All   [Slides] Kathryn Kuntz 37:51 mp3
2023-04-16 The Only Constant is Change Rev. Matt Aspin, Kathy Converse, Ken Skog, Molly Plunkett, John Wunderlin 45:15 mp3
2023-04-09 Miracles of Spring Ilene Haykus 20:35 mp3
2023-04-02 Braver Angels on a mission to depolarize our nation Tom Sinsky 35:59 mp3
2023-03-26 Transforming Our Community: Let's start with me James Morgan 37:13 mp3
2023-03-05 Perfectly Imperfect Rev. Matt Aspin 22:25 mp3
2023-02-26 Tough Love Rev. Matt Aspin 22:15 mp3
2023-02-05 Lucy Stone: An American Original Robin Proud 29:45 mp3
2023-01-22 Roe v. What's Next? Rev. Matt Aspin 23:36 mp3
2023-01-08 Finding balance in the New Year Rev. Matt Aspin 21:45 mp3
2022-11-27 The FUUture of our Faith Rev. Matt Aspin 33:42 mp3
2022-11-06 Communal Salvation Rev. Matt Aspin 24:11 mp3
2022-10-23 Democracy Ain't Easy Rev. Mark Richards 34:46 mp3
2022-10-09 Flashbacks Gene Kaine 33:44 mp3
2022-09-04 Why You Should Care About Workers Frida Ballard 33:43 mp3
2022-08-28 The Discovered Why Rev. Matt Aspin 27:03 mp3
2022-08-21 Thomas Wentworth Higginson: Unitarian Minister and The Civil War Al Nettleton 30:40 mp3
2022-08-14 Counting Our Blessings Rev. Matt Aspin 17:10 mp3
2022-08-07 Willma's Fund: Working to Address Homelessness and Housing Insecurity among LGBTQ+ people in Dane County AJ Hardie 27:05 mp3
2022-07-31 The Dangers to Society of Social Media Matt Wise 32:46 mp3
2022-07-10 The War in Ukraine Yoshiko Herrera 41:50 mp3
2022-07-03 Growing an International Village Through Community Gardening Mary Mullen, Barb Park 35:22 mp3
2022-06-19 Laura M. Towne: Unitarian Abolitionist & Co-Founder of The Penn Center   [Slides] Anne Pryor 29:04 mp3
2022-06-12 Does Prairie Need a Minister? Rev. Matt Aspin 45:28 mp3
2022-05-29 Three Generations of Veterans Dan Proud 25:05 mp3
2022-05-15 Real Thoughts about Artificial Intelligence Rev. Matt Aspin 23:57 mp3
2022-05-08 May Day Rev. Matt Aspin, Barbara Park 20:39 mp3
2022-04-24 Earth Day - Walking The Talk Gary Gates 21:33 mp3
2022-04-17 Readying to Rise Rev. Matt Aspin 20:09 mp3
2022-04-10 Meeting with MOSES Eugene Crisler 'El 28:00 mp3
2022-03-27 Healthcare and Homelessness Matt Julian 35:06 mp3
2022-03-20 Beginner's Mind Rev. Matt Aspin 27:11 mp3
2022-03-13 Reconvening Rev. Matt Aspin 18:44 mp3
2022-02-20 E Pluribus Unum Rev. Matt Aspin 26:20 mp3
2022-02-06 The Kids Scare You: And Other Uncomfortable Truths About Education in America Holly Tellander 42:21 mp3
2022-01-30 Rediscovered Transcendentalist: Caroline Healey Dall Robin Proud 46:22 mp3
2022-01-23 Befriending Our Wounds: A Meditation Lisa Glueck 40:15 mp3
2022-01-16 An Elephant in the Room? Rev. Matt Aspin 29:38 mp3
2022-01-09 Unbecoming Rev. Matt Aspin 25:00 mp3
2021-12-19 Long Night Reflections Rev. Matt Aspin 20:43 mp3
2021-12-05 Working With Families, Law Enforcement and Mental Illness John Gernandt 29:10 mp3
2021-11-14 What Can YOU Do About Climate Change? Ankur Desai 45:20 mp3
2021-10-24 UU, the UN, and U Rev. Matt Aspin 19:34 mp3
2021-10-17 Evoking Spiritual Experience in Our Lives Ilene Haykus 22:47 mp3
2021-10-10 Question Box Rev. Matt Aspin 30:39 mp3
2021-09-26 "Unitarian, Suffragist, and Black" by Frances E. W. Harper Robin Proud 38:55 mp3
2021-09-19 Healing Spaces Rev. Matt Aspin 18:31 mp3
2021-09-05 Labor in the Pulpits / On the Bimah / In the Minbar Rebecca Meier-Rao 26:02 mp3
2021-08-29 Lessons Yet to Learn Rev. Matt Aspin 19:43 mp3
2021-08-22 Hopes and Fears Rev. Matt Aspin 14:27 mp3
2021-05-30 A Year into the Pandemic: Reflecting on Loss, Healing and Resilience Christine Milovani 11:47 mp3
2021-05-09 What Do You See? Rev. Matt Aspin 35:33 mp3
2021-05-02 Disability Discrimination During the Pandemic? Mitchell Hagopian 39:29 mp3
2021-04-25 What is Your Legacy? Laurel Ravelo, Valerie Showalter, Lailah Shima 30:34 mp3
2021-04-11 Elizabeth Blackwell Robin Proud 34:06 mp3
2021-03-28 Restringing the Bead Michael Eselun 29:44 mp3
2021-02-28 The Social Regulation of Speech Franciska Coleman 39:18 mp3
2021-02-14 Forgiveness for Individual, Family, and Community Well-Being Robert Enright 42:37 mp3
2021-01-31 Listening Deeply: Befriending the Mind-Heart Rev. Doug Kraft 29:08 mp3
2021-01-24 The Invisible Stage of Life Robin Proud 28:05 mp3
2021-01-10 One City Schools Gail Waisman 35:47 mp3
2020-11-08 What Matters Michael Eselun 30:43 mp3
2020-10-11 Another Way: My Journey on the Moving Walkway of Racism Madeline Arnold 33:26 mp3
2020-09-20 Voting During the Pandemic David Canon 34:09 mp3
2020-08-23 Helen Hamilton Gardener, Free Thinker and Suffragist Robin Proud 22:34 mp3
2020-08-09 Not for the Weak of Heart - Virtual General Assembly 2020 Renee Deschard, Rachel Long, Mary Mullen, Morris Sadicario, Nancy Schraufnagel, Patty Stockdale 36:49 mp3
2020-07-19 NAMI Dane County: Our Organization During COVID-19 Jake King 24:26 mp3
2020-07-12 Have You Ever Said White Trash? Karen Hutt 44:49 mp3
2020-06-21 How PUU Members & Friends are Tending the Earth: With Reflections by Rachel Carson Kathy Converse 25:22 mp3
2020-06-14 Porchlight's Response to Pandemic Karla Thennes 33:08 mp3
2020-06-07 Ethics, CRISPR, and Human Genome Editing Robert Streiffer 42:34 mp3
2020-05-23 The Lost Art of Scripture: Karen Armstrong Robin Proud 23:11 mp3
2020-04-22 The Climate Action Movement Today: Is It Shooting Itself in the Foot or Reaching for the Moon? Peter Anderson 43:04 mp3
2020-04-05 Disinformation, Voter Suppression and What You Can Do About It Dee J. Hall 21:23 mp3
2020-03-08 Stories in Stone Brooke Norsted 36:10 mp3
2020-03-01 There's an Auction Here Today! Rev. Ralph Tyksinski 12:39 mp3
2020-02-16 What is Active Hope through the Lens of Joanna Macy - The Work that Reconnects Dr. Penny Andrews 30:58 mp3
2020-02-09 Five Love Languages Robin Proud, Renee Deschard 32:03 mp3
2020-01-26 Why are we here? Rachel Long 12:38 mp3
2020-01-19 Bayard Rustin: Troublemaker for Justice Jacqueline Houtman 27:42 mp3
2020-01-12 Who Saved the Electric Car John Wunderlin 31:23 mp3
2020-01-05 The Gospel According to...Me Erin Bosch 24:11 mp3
2019-12-08 The Yahara 2070 Project Dr. Steve Carpenter 57:23 mp3
2019-12-01 The Jewish and UU Roots of Social Justice Rabbi Bonnie Margulis 38:35 mp3
2019-11-24 Grief and Self-Care   [Slides] Deanna Rymaszewski 32:43 mp3
2019-11-17 Through the Looking Glass: Affirming and Living Our Values in a Dominance-Obsessed World   [Slides] Jennifer Parker 31:46 mp3
2019-11-10 Pine Ridge Reservation: Destigmatizing American Indians Aidan Small 21:16 mp3
2019-10-27 We Are Many - United Against Hate Masood Akhtar 47:07 mp3
2019-10-20 Abigail Adams and the Anger of Women Robin Proud 28:06 mp3
2019-10-13 The Spectrum of Dementia Claire Box 32:11 mp3
2019-09-29 Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon Sandra Adell 34:44 mp3
2019-09-22 Fact or Fake: News in the Digital Era - Part 2 Renee Deschard 30:13 mp3
2019-09-15 Fact or Fake: News in the Digital Era - Part 1 Renee Deschard 34:01 mp3
2019-09-01 Labor in the Pulpit Alexia Kulweic 39:18 mp3
2019-08-25 Backpacks & Bags: A Back to School Service Holly Tellander 34:02 mp3
2019-07-21 The History of Pride in Madison Dick Wagner 29:06 mp3
2019-07-14 The Mandela Washington Fellowship Alfred Akrofi Ocansey, Zaida Ibraham 41:45 mp3
2019-06-30 The Women's Journey Robin Proud 26:48 mp3
2019-06-23 Giving First Aid to Migrants at the Border Mary Somers 40:14 mp3
2019-05-26 Walls Talking Penny Eiler, Barb Park, Randy Converse, Kathy Converse, Jessie Garst, Barb Chatterton 24:48 mp3
2019-05-19 QPR? Glad You Asked Jean Papalia 28:05 mp3
2019-05-12 Happy Mother's Day for Mother Earth Jim Scott 29:10 mp3
2019-05-05 Journey from Pastor to Atheist Rob Brink 37:27 mp3
2019-04-14 Encountering the Divine: Part 1 Steve Hingle 20:59 mp3
2019-03-31 These Are a Few of My Favorite Things Rev. Sandra Ingham 48:17 mp3
2019-03-24 The Catalyst Project Susan and Anna Donahoe 42:10 mp3
2019-03-10 Democracy and the Electoral College Ken Haydock 27:12 mp3
2019-02-24 Inquiring Humanists Want to Know Rev. Sandra Ingham 37:05 mp3
2019-02-10 An inclusive perspective on islam Katrina Thompson 29:00 mp3
2019-02-03 Structural Justice Pageen Small 18:14 mp3
2019-01-27 Wild Women of the West Rev. Sandra Ingham 27:59 mp3
2019-01-20 When You Wish Upon a Star Rev. Sandra Ingham 30:05 mp3
2019-01-06 The Rich Tapestry of Gender Jim Barnard 38:32 mp3
2018-12-30 UU Paganism Rhiannon Rudisill 29:45 mp3
2018-12-16 Who Cares? The Caring Committee Cares Cheryl Robinson 26:05 mp3
2018-12-09 Their Gift to Us Rev. Sandra Ingham 39:04 mp3
2018-11-25 Thanks and Ever Thanks Rev. Sandra Ingham 30:24 mp3
2018-11-11 The Hero's Journey Robin Proud 23:37 mp3
2018-11-04 Looking Backward, Looking Forward Rev. Sandra Ingham 21:05 mp3
2018-10-28 Mary Shelley, Frankenstein and the Risks of Science Robin Proud 27:56 mp3
2018-10-14 Allied Wellness Center Gloria Farr 24:52 mp3
2018-10-07 Restorative Justice Circles in Education Layla Coleman 33:54 mp3
2018-09-23 Eating to Live...Living to Eat! Rev. Sandra Ingham 31:43 mp3
2018-09-16 Usona Institute William Linton, Malynn Utzinger 45:52 mp3
2018-09-09 Why Are We Here? Rev. Sandra Ingham 33:02 mp3
2018-08-26 Other Than What? Rev. Sandra Ingham 38:08 mp3
2018-08-05 State Street Through the Camera Lens Mark Golbach 41:20 mp3
2018-07-29 A Mathematician's Take on Gerrymandering Jordan Ellenberg 42:57 mp3
2018-07-08 Camino de Santiago de Compostela Molly Plunkett 39:26 mp3
2018-07-01 Flirting With Freedom Rev. Sandra Ingham 31:43 mp3
2018-06-10 Sea Change (See Change?) Rev. Sandra Ingham 31:18 mp3
2018-05-27 Memories Are Made of This Rev. Sandra Ingham 31:46 mp3
2018-05-20 RE-Visioned: Changing Trends at Prairie & in the Wider UU Community Holly Tellander 34:07 mp3
2018-05-13 Founding Mothers Robin Proud 28:15 mp3
2018-05-06 Growing Up UU Katherine Liu 19:59 mp3
2018-04-22 Alphabet Soup - or - How Do You Spell UUA? Rev. Sandra Ingham 41:37 mp3
2018-04-08 Incarceration and Return to the Community John Mix, Rudy Bankston 45:02 mp3
2018-04-01 No Fooling! Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:13 mp3
2018-03-25 Tenant Resource Center Julio Garcia, Mary Maronek 27:57 mp3
2018-03-18 The News Is Brought to You By ____ ? Rev. Sandra Ingham 40:48 mp3
2018-03-11 Current Theories on the Origin and Early Evolution of Life on Earth Lena Vincent 49:30 mp3
2018-02-25 Principles in Practice in Ultimate Frisbee Aaron Liu 26:11 mp3
2018-02-18 Conversations with a Chalice Rev. Sandra Ingham 38:10 mp3
2018-02-11 A Look Back at the Sources Dawn Hayslett 17:42 mp3
2018-01-28 American Composer, John Cage Andy Garst 29:11 mp3
2018-01-21 The Measure of Greatness Rev. Sandra Ingham 37:25 mp3
2018-01-14 Maybe I Don't Know but Maybe That's Okay Rev. Kali Hayslett 21:44 mp3
2018-01-07 New Year's ReVolutions Rev. Sandra Ingham 32:04 mp3
2017-12-31 Kwanzaa Margaret Carpenter 32:44 mp3
2017-12-24 Rainbows and Tarantulas Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:04 mp3
2017-12-10 A Fork in the Road Phoenix Wardell, Penny Eiler, Gary Gates 31:28 mp3
2017-12-03 What Better Time? Rev. Sandra Ingham 40:24 mp3
2017-11-12 A Cold, Hard Look at Reality Rev. Sandra Ingham 44:00 mp3
2017-11-05 Free Speech vs. Hate Speech: Where Do We Draw the Line? Robin Proud 39:04 mp3
2017-10-22 The Sanctuary Movement Sergio Gonzalez 28:43 mp3
2017-10-15 From Guatemala to Madison and Back: An Adoption Story Robin Carré 60:02 mp3
2017-10-08 Humanism 101 Mary Beth O'Halloran 27:47 mp3
2017-09-24 Milestones in LGBTQ History Anne Urbanski 39:34 mp3
2017-09-17 Fifty Years at Prairie - A Celebration of Every Decade Marty Drapkin, Rachel Long, Robin Proud, Johanna Hatch 42:05 mp3
2017-09-10 When Lizards Do Push-Ups Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:20 mp3
2017-08-20 The Hidden Life of Trees Kathy Converse 37:07 mp3
2017-08-13 How Many UUs Does It Take to Change the World? Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:31 mp3
2017-07-16 My Source, Kurt Vonnegut Johanna Hatch 27:50 mp3
2017-07-09 It Can't Happen Here - Or Can It? Robin Proud 31:31 mp3
2017-07-02 Open Doors for Refugees Layla Kaiksow 37:29 mp3
2017-06-11 The Power of a Flower Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:12 mp3
2017-06-04 Sidney and God Anne Urbanski 30:43 mp3
2017-05-21 Corruption of Our Democracy Rep. Chris Taylor 44:59 mp3
2017-04-30 I've Got Those Backlash Blues Rev. Sandra Ingham 37:21 mp3
2017-04-23 Human Being: VERB Abigail Swetz 35:24 mp3
2017-04-16 Exuberance Unbounded Rev. Sandra Ingham 41:39 mp3
2017-04-09 Friends of State Street Family Tammy Fleming 40:56 mp3
2017-04-02 Pop-Up Theology Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:07 mp3
2017-03-26 You've Come a Long Way, Baby!? Rev. Sandra Ingham 37:21 mp3
2017-03-19 As the Pendulum Swings Helen Avakian, Dave Irwin 36:25 mp3
2017-03-12 Louisa Adams Robin Proud 43:14 mp3
2017-02-26 The International Forgiveness Institute Dr. Gayle Reed 38:34 mp3
2017-02-19 The Abuse of Revocation in Wisconsin Lisa Munro, Frank Davis, James Morgan 44:32 mp3
2017-02-12 If Only... Rev. Sandra Ingham 41:30 mp3
2017-02-05 Mentor to the Stars Rev. Sandra Ingham 39:07 mp3
2017-01-29 The Ethics of Power Rob Brink 32:45 mp3
2017-01-22 Do You Know the Sources? Dawn Hayslett 23:03 mp3
2017-01-15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Tosumba Welch 40:50 mp3
2017-01-08 Loose Connections Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:41 mp3
2016-12-04 Sages, Seers and Superheroes--In Search of Common Ground Rev. Sandra Ingham 42:06 mp3
2016-11-13 Legitimizing Hate: A Story of Betrayal Rev. Sandra Ingham 27:43 mp3
2016-11-06 What Ails Our Democracy Mike McCabe 46:14 mp3
2016-10-02 I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry? I'm Sorry! Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:40 mp3
2016-09-25 Respect Jan Miyasaki 42:10 mp3
2016-09-18 In the Beginning Rev. Sandra Ingham 39:43 mp3
2016-09-11 Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning Matt Tedesco 44:05 mp3
2016-08-28 Out of this World: UUs and Science Fiction Robin Proud 26:45 mp3
2016-08-14 A Space to Heal Rev. Sandra Ingham 27:10 mp3
2016-08-07 In Three-Part Harmony Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:08 mp3
2016-07-31 Let's Blow Our Horns Prairie composers 41:35 mp3
2016-07-17 Good for Nothing Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:43 mp3
2016-07-03 The Right of Conscience and the Democratic Process Ken Haydock 26:41 mp3
2016-06-26 Fear is the path to the Dark Side: The inherent worth and dignity of every person versus fear of The Other Anne Urbanski 28:57 mp3
2016-05-29 Civil Society Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:01 mp3
2016-05-15 Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth Ron Frye 27:11 mp3
2016-04-24 Web of All Existence Peter Anderson 43:11 mp3
2016-04-17 Universalist Design Rev. Sandra Ingham 43:40 mp3
2016-04-10 Embracing Chaos: What is Going on in the World and How We Can Welcome It Rev. Jody Whelden 27:47 mp3
2016-04-03 Screen Test Rev. Sandra Ingham 33:29 mp3
2016-03-27 Revisiting Easter Rev. Sandra Ingham 38:22 mp3
2016-03-20 Charles Dickens Robin Proud 42:33 mp3
2016-03-13 Gardening: Body, Mind, and Soul Kathy Converse, Mary Mullen 40:47 mp3
2016-02-28 Yahara House: A Place for Recovery Through Relationships and Work Jackie Hunt 29:59 mp3
2016-02-21 Our Second Principle and Overcoming Racism Faith Cholvin 21:22 mp3
2016-02-14 Preamble to the Seven Principles and Prairie Gary Gates 17:31 mp3
2016-02-07 Rozaria Girls Club Luci Chikowero 36:18 mp3
2016-01-31 Screen Saver Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:05 mp3
2016-01-24 A Tribute to Fred Rogers Randy Converse, Al Nettleton 16:39 mp3
2016-01-17 Cloud Cover Rev. Sandra Ingham 33:15 mp3
2016-01-10 The Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles: How They Define Our Community Kathy Converse 24:56 mp3
2015-12-13 Never Forget - Newtown Kelly Herda, Khary Penebacker 48:23 mp3
2015-12-06 The Ethics of Assistance Matt Tedesco 48:42 mp3
2015-11-29 All I Want for Christmas...Is to be More Buddhist Rev. Sandra Ingham 38:02 mp3
2015-11-22 Head in the Clouds Rev. Sandra Ingham 27:18 mp3
2015-10-04 Humanism, Hubris OR Humility Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:00 mp3
2015-09-27 Humanism: Hubris and Humility Rev. Sandra Ingham 32:16 mp3
2015-09-06 Overcoming Confirmation Bias: Advice from an Ex-Pastor Rob Brink 31:27 mp3
2015-08-30 Justified Anger Kaleem Caire 39:32 mp3
2015-08-23 Coming Out Rev. Sandra Ingham 31:03 mp3
2015-08-16 Ever-Changing Answers to Ever-Changing Questions Rev. Scott Prinster 35:17 mp3
2015-08-09 Women and Personhood Johanna Hatch 29:21 mp3
2015-08-02 Choices Dean Hinmon 22:14 mp3
2015-07-12 Wounds that Heal Rev. Sandra Ingham 45:14 mp3
2015-05-24 Ethics at the End of Life Matt Tedesco 44:18 mp3
2015-05-17 A Personal Story and Report on Americans with Disabilities Act at 25 Years Lorry Bond, Penny Eiler 43:29 mp3
2015-04-26 The Gift of Years Millie Moffett & Mary Frantz 29:35 mp3
2015-04-19 Tick...Tock Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:10 mp3
2015-03-29 Betrayal Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:57 mp3
2015-03-15 Take Two Rev. Sandra Ingham 31:40 mp3
2015-03-08 Equal in Faith: Why Religious Discrimination Against Women Affects Us All Johanna Hatch 35:15 mp3
2015-02-22 Those Troubling Transcendentalists Rev. Sandra Ingham 38:04 mp3
2015-02-15 Our Place in the Cosmos  [Slides] John Wunderlin 38:21 mp3
2015-02-08 What's Love Got To Do With It? Rev. Sandra Ingham 39:17 mp3
2015-01-25 The Road Home Kristin Rucinski 34:29 mp3
2015-01-11 A Dose of Empathy Robin Proud 23:50 mp3
2015-01-04 In the Beginning Rev. Sandra Ingham 40:50 mp3
2014-12-28 Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:04 mp3
2014-12-07 Quakers Ken Haydock 44:47 mp3
2014-11-30 The Gift of Nothing Rev. Sandra Ingham 30:20 mp3
2014-11-16 The First Principle Project Christina Klock 32:59 mp3
2014-11-09 Veterans Court Edward Zapala 35:28 mp3
2014-10-26 Middle Class Philanthropist: How Anyone Can Leave a Legacy Melinda Gustafson Gervasi 29:58 mp3
2014-10-19 Why Mentor? Ancient Wisdom on Teaching and Learning Juliana Paradise Hunt 45:27 mp3
2014-10-05 Improving Lives Through Literacy Jeff Burkhart 37:29 mp3
2014-09-21 Worthy of Worship Rev. Sandra Ingham 32:46 mp3
2014-08-24 Come, Let Us Gather to...?? Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:39 mp3
2014-08-17 What CAN I Say Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:39 mp3
2014-08-10 Gary's UUA General Assembly Education: The Challenges of the Future Gary Gates 20:08 mp3
2014-08-03 University of Wisconsin Odyssey Project Emily Auerbach 34:46 mp3
2014-07-20 Sustainability Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:03 mp3
2014-05-18 The Secret Life of Julia Ward Howe Robin Proud 28:29 mp3
2014-05-11 Mother's Day Tribute: A Musical Celebration of Women & Motherhood Celia 47:18 mp3
2014-05-04 I Forgive You. Please Forgive Me Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:13 mp3
2014-04-27 Environmental Ethics and the Interdependent Web Matt Tedesco 43:48 mp3
2014-04-13 Vulnerable Change Rev. Sara Goodman 29:30 mp3
2014-04-06 Wild Women vs. Manly Men Rev. Sandra Ingham 37:33 mp3
2014-03-30 Madison Urban Ministries on the Move Linda Ketchum 43:06 mp3
2014-03-23 Pope Francis After One Year in Office Johanna Hatch 33:48 mp3
2014-03-16 Wild Women of the West Rev. Sandra Ingham 38:43 mp3
2014-03-09 Summer in Antarctica John Richards 44:59 mp3
2014-03-02 Race To Equity-A Baseline Report on the State of Racial Disparities in Dane County Erica Nelson, Torry Winn 50:01 mp3
2014-02-23 When UUs Have Reunions: General Assembly at a Glance Sandra Ingham, Phyllis Long, Barb Park, Mary Mullen, Cheryl Robinson, Kate Liu 50:55 mp3
2014-02-09 What the Bad River Watershed Means to Me Tracy Hames 41:02 mp3
2014-01-26 Grappling with Grace Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:29 mp3
2014-01-12 Our First Principle -- Some Philisophical Thoughts on Personhood Matt Tedesco 45:13 mp3
2013-12-08 Alzheimer's Disease & dementia in Wisconsin: Learn about the warning signs as well as brain health tips Paul Rusk 46:33 mp3
2013-12-01 Mentoring Positives Will Green 47:52 mp3
2013-11-17 Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Rev. John Mix 48:57 mp3
2013-11-10 Too Much Money in Politics, and How We Can Get Our Democracy Back George Penn 37:50 mp3
2013-11-03 All Souls Day Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:33 mp3
2013-10-27 Sex, Love, and Violence: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in a Globalized World Patrick Farabaugh 45:46 mp3
2013-10-20 Lydia Maria Child Robin Proud 39:31 mp3
2013-10-13 UN, UUA, PVF, YOU Rev. Sandra Ingham 32:30 mp3
2013-10-06 MOSES and the Incarceration Nation Social Action Committee 34:05 mp3
2013-09-29 Cultivating Wonder in the Age of Science Steve Paulson 39:56 mp3
2013-09-22 Dances with Taconite: the Mine Threat to Bad River's Wild Rice Beds Patty Lowe 51:08 mp3
2013-08-25 SERRV In Bangladesh Megan Arzbaecher 29:14 mp3
2013-08-18 It's Easier Than You Think Rev. Sandra Ingham 37:20 mp3
2013-08-11 Foreign Aid Best Practices Gary Peterson 32:00 mp3
2013-08-04 How Clean Energy Can Create a Brighter Future for Wisconsin Shahla Werner 43:29 mp3
2013-07-28 Laughter Yoga Madison Laughter Club 41:06 mp3
2013-07-21 Revolutionary Conversations Rev. Sandra Ingham 35:47 mp3
2013-06-16 Father's Day Remembrances Dan Proud 42:31 mp3
2013-05-26 A Time to Heal - A Time to Plant Ryan Erisman 37:02 mp3
2013-05-19 Why We Do What We Do Rev. Sandra Ingham 38:38 mp3
2013-05-12 Remembering Our Mothers Panel of Prairie members 47:19 mp3
2013-04-28 Empathy and Compassion as Pathways to Peace - The Nature and Nurture of Empathy and Compassion, Second in a Two Part Series Carolyn Zahn-Waxler 51:28 mp3
2013-04-14 Dancing with the Divine Rev. Sandra Ingham 39:28 mp3
2013-04-07 Empathy and Compassion as Pathways to Peace: Our Inner Apes - Evolution of Human Empathy, First in a Two Part Series Morris Waxler 33:47 mp3
2013-03-31 From the Other Side: Necedah & Champion Anne Pryor 44:04 mp3
2013-03-24 Singing, Shouting, Celebrating: The Second Century of Universalism Barbara Park 32:51 mp3
2013-03-17 Evil Rev. Sandra Ingham 36:58 mp3
2013-03-10 Through Bereavement to Redemption: The Story of David's Educational Opportunity Fund Maggie Felker 41:24 mp3
2013-03-03 The Secular Roots of Taoism Ken Haydock 45:26 mp3
2013-02-24 Harriet Martineau Robin Proud 38:23 mp3
2013-02-10 The Catonsville Nine Shawn Francis Peters 33:53 mp3
2013-02-03 What is the Spirit? Rev. Eric Banner 40:12 mp3
2013-01-27 Still Living in a Culture of Violence Rev. Sandra Ingham 27:41 mp3
2013-01-20 How Media Violence Affects Children Karyn Riddle 29:38 mp3
2013-01-13 God Speaks to Me in Bookstores, or How I Learned to Love the Carbon Tax Madeline Para 26:32 mp3
2012-12-02 Chalica Robin Proud & Rebecca Malke 26:46 mp3
2012-11-25 Respecting Wisconsin's Environmental Heritage Don Ferber 38:17 mp3
2012-11-11 Five Days Later... Rev. Sandra Ingham 29:17 mp3
2012-11-04 Living With Mystery Maggie Felker & Michael Byrd 33:13 mp3
2012-10-21 SERRV and Fair Trade: Providing Opportunity and Support to Artisans and Farmers Worldwide Sarah Wilcox 28:39 mp3
2012-10-14 The 11x15 Project Carin Bringelson & Joan Duerst 33:40 mp3
2012-10-07 Carolyn McDade -- Trusting Her Truth Through Music Paula Pachciarz 24:31 mp3
2012-09-30 Nothing Lasts Forever Rev. Sandra Ingham 26:10 mp3
2012-09-23 Do you really need a chicken? Rev. Sandra Ingham 39:34 mp3
2012-09-16 Michael Servetus: Unitarian Martyr Barbara Park 31:38 mp3
2012-09-02 Latinos: Many cultures, many experiences Gladis Benavidas 46:10 mp3
2012-08-26 Gaviotas Clare Norelle 39:24 mp3
2012-07-29 Searching for Alternatives to Homelessness Heidi Wegleitner 37:24 mp3
2012-07-15 Home Rev. Sandra Ingham 34:27 mp3
2012-07-08 The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe Dennis Merritt 39:37 mp3
2012-06-17 Putting Your Faith in Action Bob Park & Dan Proud 33:56 mp3
2012-06-10 Can Bullying be Stopped by Peer Mediation? Christine Johnson 34:01 mp3
2012-06-03 Transition Sunday Rebecca Malke & Robin Proud 28:32 mp3
2012-05-27 Memorial Day Service Steve Krallis 30:03 mp3
2012-05-13 Caroline Norton: Mothers & Women's Rights Mary Mullen 36:26 mp3
2012-04-25 Christian-Pagan Dialogue: Collaboration George Hinger, Selena Fox 1:28:16 mp3
2012-04-18 Christian-Pagan Dialogue: Convergence George Hinger, Selena Fox 1:21:37 mp3
2012-04-15 The Power of Letting Go - Making Life Easy 101 Dean Hinmon 21:00 mp3
2012-03-25 The Global Politics of Water: Managing Our Most Precious Resource in the 21st Century Oriol Mirosa 38:34 mp3
2012-03-11 Our Oneness in Compassion: A Quantum Physics View Dean Hinmon 23:22 mp3
2012-03-04 Rumi's Invitation, 'Come, Come Whoever You Are' Saideh Jamshidi 32:47 mp3
2012-02-26 Inside Humanism Today Howard Katz 44:32 mp3
2012-02-19 The Story of A Black Family Pat Watkins 47:29 mp3
2012-02-12 Becoming an LGBT Advocate Patrick Farabaugh 33:38 mp3
2012-01-29 What the United States Can Learn About Improving the Status of Women from Other Countries  [Slides] Dr. Myra Marx Ferree 39:16 mp3
2012-01-15 Childhood and Adolescent Bullying and the Players -- Bullies, Victims and Bystanders Amy Bellmore 31:59 mp3
2012-01-08 Karen Armstrong's 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life Phyllis Long 32:00 mp3
2011-11-27 We the People Carter Dary 23:40 mp3
2011-11-13 John Coltrane and the Truly Religious Life James Galasinski 30:26 mp3
2011-11-06 Get Moving! An Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy Tara Converse Rollins 24:43 mp3
2011-10-23 Death and Dying in America Part III: Who'll Decide for Mom? Jim Jaeger 40:31 mp3
2011-10-09 What Is Mental Illness? Rachel Long 36:52 mp3
2011-10-02 A History of How We Have Died in America and the Path of Hope to a Better Future Drs. Cynthia Haq and Lucille Marchand 36:46 mp3
2011-09-18 Let's Agree to Disagree: Notes from the 2011 General Assembly Rosemarie Lester, Christina Klock, Marcia Johnson, Phyllis Long, Barbara Park 35:20 mp3
2011-09-04 Stand By Me Craig Myrbo 19:39 mp3
2011-08-21 Overwork, Work Addiction, and the Blessings of the Sabbath Ian Riddell 25:06 mp3
2011-08-14 Celtic Spirituality: The Celtic Cross, the Tree of Life, and the Eternal Circle Frank Siegle 51:28 mp3
2011-08-07 What Does It Mean to be Raised a Unitarian Universalist? Rachel Long, Madeline Arnold, Barb Park & Ken Haydock 33:17 mp3
2011-07-31 Nuclear Energy and Current Events in Japan Dave Johnson 30:01 mp3
2011-07-17 Church Life Cycles and Promoting Growth Gary Peterson 31:40 mp3
2011-06-26 Mindfulness & Social Justice in Our Daily Lives Cheri Maples 47:24 mp3
2011-06-19 Collective Bargaining for Government Workers in Wisconsin: The Challenge of Democracy in the Workplace Howard Bellman 38:26 mp3
2011-06-12 Hail Poetry: A Tribute to Barbara Rames Kathy Converse, Anne Pryor and Orange Schroeder 43:50 mp3
2011-05-29 Military Service and Religion: Should They Coexist? David Giffey 35:18 mp3
2011-05-22 Singing the First 100 Years of Universalism Barbara Park 35:55 mp3
2011-05-15 Childhood's End Peter Anderson 26:33 mp3
2011-05-01 Universalism: Past, Present and Powerful Rev. Kalen Fristad 41:59 mp3
2011-04-17 The Ground of Our Being Rev. Jane Esbensen 33:08 mp3
2011-04-03 A Humanist Look at Myth, Symbol, and Art Fred Edwords 42:10 mp3
2011-03-20 Israel and Palestine Sue Elias 43:14 mp3
2011-03-13 Whatever Happened to the 60's? Rev. Jane Esbensen 16:32 mp3
2011-02-27 Reframing the Conversation about Workers and Wealth: from Myth to Reality Peggy Wireman 23:18 mp3
2011-02-20 For the Love of God Rev. Jane Esbensen 31:33 mp3
2011-02-13 Standing on the Side of Love Rev. Jane Esbensen 22:38 mp3
2011-02-06 Hinduism and How it Affirms and Promotes the 7th Principle Amit Mangar 27:53 mp3
2011-01-30 Educating the Jailors Marty Drapkin 36:57 mp3
2011-01-23 Correctional Education Margaret Carpenter 41:33 mp3
2011-01-16 In the Midst of Darkness Rev. Jane Esbensen 9:58 mp3
2011-01-02 Kwanzaa as an Everyday Occasion Milele Chikesa Anana 27:15 mp3
2010-11-14 Words, Words, Words Rev. Jane Esbensen 28:37 mp3
2010-09-12 Law and Morality Ken Haydock, Nick Abts 38:50 mp3
2010-09-05 Labor Day: Honoring Workers, Pursuing Justice Rabbi Renee Bauer 31:38 mp3
2010-08-22 Testing and Teacher Accountability Jim Carpenter 33:15 mp3
2010-05-23 A Visit from Margaret Fuller Robin Proud 48:08 mp3
2010-05-09 Women Composers, II Jim Reilly 18:11 mp3
2010-04-11 Who Is My Neighbor? Morals and Ethics in Public Policy Jim Jaeger 21:25 mp3
2010-03-28 Commitment and the Spiritual Quest Ian Riddell 33:54 mp3
2010-02-28 Community Supported Agriculture: A Green Solution CSA farmers 45:26 mp3
2010-01-10 Prophetic Love Rev. Ralph Tyksinski 34:30 mp3
2009-12-27 Socially Responsible Investing Nick Abts 35:53 mp3
2009-12-13 Iraq Today: A Peacemaker's Eyewitness Report Sami Rasouli 40:19 mp3
2009-11-15 Thinking About Immigration John Powell, Leila Pine & Roz Woodward 34:00 mp3
2009-11-08 They Just Fade Away David Pyle 42:04 mp3
2009-10-18 Exploring Visions of Ministry and Ministerial Relationships at Prairie Long Range Planning Committee 30:07 mp3
2009-07-26 Seven Jewish Children: a play for Gaza Prairie Social Action Committee 18:30 mp3
2009-07-19 When Breathing is Defiance: Stories from Occupied Palestine Sol Thea Kelley-Jones/Nathan Beck 44:20 mp3
2009-07-05 One's Heart Is Enough Rev. Jane Esbensen 28:06 mp3
2009-05-10 Women Composers or Who was Hilda Neupert? Jim Reilly 44:28 mp3
2009-04-19 Feeding the Hungry in the Face of the Global Economic Crisis Florence Chenoweth 31:40 mp3
2009-04-12 Easter Customs and Traditions: Old and New Selena Fox 32:03 mp3
2009-04-12 Conversations in Conflict Sol Thea Kelley-Jones 39:40 mp3
2009-02-01 Darwin and His 'Dangerous Idea' Jane R. Shoup 44:09 mp3
2008-11-30 Prairie Reflections Ruth Calden, Warren Hagstrom, Doleta Chapru, Al Nettleton 34:31 mp3
2008-01-13 Behind Every Great Man: The Peabody Sisters Robin Proud 28:53 mp3
2004-04-25 Rollback of Environmental Laws: An Inside Story Robert Martin 58:26 mp3
2004-02-22 The Health of Women and Children in Afghanistan Cindy Haq 14:40 mp3
2002-09-22 Politics as Religion Jean Darling 44:41 mp3
2002-09-15 Reclaiming Our Civil Liberties John Nichols 42:43 mp3
2002-06-23 Sights and Insights of Laos Dave Zakem 53:53 mp3
2002-03-24 Why Have Church? Rev. Sandra Ingham 37:07 mp3
2001-10-07 An Eye For An Eye? Rev. Sandra Ingham 43:37 mp3
2001-06-17 Advocating for Sexuality Education, Health and Justice Robin Carré 50:17 mp3
2001-03-18 The Reason/Unreason Project Judith Strasser 24:03 mp3
1999-10-24 United Nations Sunday: The Honorable Tammy Baldwin, Congressional Rep. for Wis. 2nd District Tammy Baldwin 28:44 mp3
1996-03-03 The Bible and the Koran Betty Jallings 38:13 mp3
1996-02-25 Community: What We Say and What We Do Gene Farley 41:20 mp3
1996-02-18 Challenging the Radical Right Leona Balek 50:50 mp3
1995-10-08 Can Humans Save the Earth From Humans? Mike Sheehy 35:08 mp3
1992-03-15 Mayan Art and Culture, Past and Present Dave Zakem 59:10 mp3
1989-09-10 Does Religion Have Any Redeeming Value? Warren Hagstrom 50:47 mp3
1985-11-17 Life Without Work Pat Watkins, Doleta Chapru, Marty Drapkin, Jack Jallings, Rachael Siegfried 53:51 mp3
1984-09-23 Cultures of the Andes: Ancient & Modern Dave Zakem 49:37 mp3

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