Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society
Cassette Tapes
Recordings of Sunday services on cassette tapes were made between 1983 and 2010 as listed below.
Except for a few missing tapes, digital copies of these tapes have been made, and the
Archives Committee is now distributing the original cassettes to interested persons.
(A number of 1976-77 cassettes from the Diehl family were provided to the Archives Committee in 2019.)

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Year‑Mo‑Day Program title Speaker Notes
2010-05-09 Women Composers, II Jim Reilly
2010-04-11 Who Is My Neighbor? Morals and Ethics in Public Policy Jim Jaeger
2010-03-28 Commitment and the Spiritual Quest Ian Riddell
2010-02-28 Community Supported Agriculture: A Green Solution CSA farmers
2010-01-10 Prophetic Love Rev. Ralph Tyksinski c
2009-12-13 Iraq Today: A Peacemaker's Eyewitness Report Sami Rasouli
2009-11-08 They Just Fade Away David Pyle
2009-10-18 Exploring Visions of Ministry and Ministerial Relationships at Prairie Long Range Planning Committee
2009-07-26 Seven Jewish Children: a play for Gaza Prairie Social Action Committee
2009-07-19 When Breathing is Defiance: Stories from Occupied Palestine Sol Thea Kelley-Jones/Nathan Beck
2009-07-05 One's Heart Is Enough Jane Esbensen
2009-04-12 Easter Customs and Traditions: Old and New Selena Fox
2009-04-12 Conversations in Conflict Sol Thea Kelley-Jones
2009-02-01 Darwin and His 'Dangerous Idea' Jane R. Shoup
2008-01-13 Behind Every Great Man: The Peabody Sisters Robin Proud
2004-04-25 Rollback of Environmental Laws: An Inside Story Robert Martin
2002-09-22 Politics as Religion Jean Darling
2002-04-28 Anything Goes: Cole Porter's Life and Music Warren Hagstrom and Doleta Chapru c
2002-03-24 Why Have Church? Rev. Sandra Ingham
2001-10-07 An Eye For An Eye? Rev. Sandra Ingham
2001-06-17 Advocating for Sexuality Education, Health and Justice Robin Carré
2001-03-18 The Reason/Unreason Project Judith Strasser
1999-10-24 United Nations Sunday: The Honorable Tammy Baldwin, Congressional Rep. for Wis. 2nd District Tammy Baldwin
1996-03-03 The Bible and the Koran Betty Jallings
1996-02-25 Community: What We Say and What We Do Gene Farley
1996-02-18 Challenging the Radical Right Leona Balek
1995-10-08 Can Humans Save the Earth From Humans? Mike Sheehy
1993-10-17 Myths In Modern Drama Anne Urbanski oos c
1992-03-15 Mayan Art and Culture, Past and Present Dave Zakem c
1989-09-17Can a U-U Be a Christian?Warren Hagstromc
1989-09-24St. Paul and PowerWarren Hagstromc
1989-10-01Bible Stories-Good, Bad, and AwfulWarren Hagstromc
1989-10-08Palestine, Israel, & the IntifadaMalcolm Williamson and Deb Servia
1989-10-22The U.N.-A Toothless Giant?Pat Cautley, Norma and Michael Briggsc
1989-10-29The Devil is the Spirit of Gravity-Through Him All Things FallWarren Hagstromc
1989-11-05The Politics of Original SinWarren Hagstromc
1989-11-12A Personal View of BuddhismRichard Ringler
1989-11-19U-U's and Other Denominations - Are We Still All that Different?Warren Hagstromc
1989-11-26The Fruits of Our Labor, an intergenerational Thanksgiving serviceJulie Bonserc
1989-12-03No War ToysAnne Pryor
1989-12-10Sounds Suspiciously Like Homophobia to MeMary Mullen and Fredericka Schillingc
1989-12-17Better Gay than Grumpy-But what about the rest of the family?Mary Mullen and Fredericka Schillingc
1990-01-07Prairie-Year 2000: Resolutions For the Next DecadeRick Ruecking
1990-01-14Dark Days and Dawn: Not a Straight HistoryMary Mullen and Fredericka Schillingc?
1990-01-21We Are a Gentle, Angry People, But Are We Ready To Be a Welcoming Congregation?Mary Mullen and Fredericka Schillingc
1990-01-28The Road to Peace Begins at the Prairie UU SocietySam Day
1990-02-04Wisconsin Treaty Rights: Can We Be Partners in Resource Management?Julie Bonserc
1990-02-11These Are a Few of My Favorite ThingsOrange Schroeder
1990-02-18Out of Our HandsOrange Schroeder
1990-02-25Good Times MusicMike Briggsc
1990-03-04Transylvania and Back: A Journey of Religious FreedomChanning-Murray Students
1990-03-11The Play's the ThingTed Swetz
1990-03-18Sharing a Vision of Justice - UUSC's 50th AnniversarySocial Action Committee
1990-03-25Women, Men, and MachinesMike and Norma Briggsc
1990-04-01The Automobile: Boon, Bane, or a Bit of Both?Matt Joseph
1990-04-08Window From the West: A foreigner's view of JapanPeg Stevenson
1990-04-15The Dodo and the Easter Bunny, an intergenerational serviceMike and Norma Briggsc
1990-04-22The Death of the WorkerMike and Norma Briggsc
1990-04-29When Shall We Pull the Plug on Grandma?Mike and Norma Briggsc
1990-05-06Techno-CopsMike and Norma Briggsc
1990-05-13Who Owns Life?Mike and Norma Briggsc
1990-05-20Transitions: Celebrating Our Prairie CommunityErin Boschc
1990-06-03A Prairie Stir FryGeorge Calden
1990-06-10Sacred Space, Holy GroundJulie Bonserc
1990-06-17People of the BookMike Briggsc
1990-07-01Who Really Runs the World?Chuck Irish
1990-07-15Peace Corps Work in ParaguayMarcia and Dave Johnsonc
1990-08-12Life-span Religious EducationRuth Gibson
1990-08-26The Gulf Crisis: A New PerspectiveIrwin Knoll
1990-09-09The Bright Side of DeathOrton Gray
1990-09-16The Fear of Being DeadOrton Gray
1990-09-23Madison AIDS Support NetworkOrton Gray
1990-09-30Hospice CareOrton Gray
1990-10-14Final Choices: Living Wills, Burial Options, CostsOrton Gray and Rachel Siegfriedc
1990-10-21Lifeboat EthicsOrie Loucksc
1990-10-28BereavementOrton Gray
1990-11-04Unplug the Christmas MachinePeg Stevenson
1990-11-11The Magical Child and the Art of BirdwatchingAnnis Pratt and Ruth Caldenc
1990-11-18Prairiemonies: A Reprise and FarewellAnnis Prattc
1990-12-02Afterlife: What Do You Believe?RE middle school classc
1990-12-09Personal Growth Through StorytellingMark Wagler
1990-12-16Building a Community With StoriesMark Wagler
1990-12-23Intergenerational Holiday ServiceMike and Norma Briggsc
1990-12-30Making Books, an intergenerational serviceJean Matos
1991-01-06Prairie ResolveAl Nettletonc
1991-01-13Hidden Issues in the Environmental Policy DebateRoger Faulkner
1991-01-20Martin Luther King - intergenerational serviceMary Mullen and Julie Bonserc
1991-01-27HomelessnessRobert Willoughby
1991-02-03Freedom of Conscience in AmericaLee Bullen
1991-02-10Valentine's Day serviceElizabeth Alexander
1991-02-17Results World Summit for ChildrenBill Robbins and Michelle Honore
1991-02-24Adventures in ConscienceLee Bullen
1991-03-10The Music of Kurt WeillAl Nettleton and Rosemarie Lesterc
1991-03-17First Amendment RightsRE middle school class
1991-03-31Family Spring CelebrationOrange Schroeder
1991-04-07Where Do I Fit In?: Stories of Being OutsidersMark Wagler
1991-04-14Sharing the Commons: Use and Misuse of Natural ResourcesAnn Forbes and Jim Lorman
1991-04-28The Head Start ProgramMarsha Huemoeller
1991-05-05Role ModelsRE middle schoolers
1991-05-12Transitions SundayErin Boschc
1991-05-19For My Eyes Only: on CensorshipDouglas Strong
1991-06-02Reproductive Health Issues: What can be done at the Capitol?Beth Kaplan and Karen Timberlake
1991-06-16Role Models: The Adults Turn to Talk 
1991-08-04The Business of Dying: A Graceful ExitJohn Grindrod, Rachel Siegfried and Beverly Theilmanc
1991-08-11Essays About Early Religious ThinkingKaren Gross
1991-09-08An Exploration of SpiritualityScott Savage
1991-09-15Another Perspective on SpiritualityScott Savage
1991-09-22Spirituality and its AntithesisWarren Hagstromc
1991-09-29Native American SpiritualityMelinda P.?
1991-10-13The Stigma of Mental IllnessJulie Bonserc
1991-11-10In Celebration of the Life and Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)Warren Hagstromoosc
1991-11-24Gandhi and Eco-feminismLynette Delgado
1991-12-08Reflections on a Year In PakistanCindy Haq
1991-12-15Prairie PhotographersMarty Drapkinc
1992-01-12Loving Life: Ecofeminist and Native American PerspectivesAnnie Booth
1992-01-19Celebrating America's Black Heritage in Story and Song 
1992-01-26Abortion: Is It a Life or a Potential Life?Judy Skog
1992-02-02The Bill of RightsJohn Patrick Hunter
1992-02-09It's Love that Makes the World Go Round, intergenerational servicePat Watkins
1992-02-16The Role of Social Support In Our LivesDave Riley
1992-03-01Programs that Provide Personal SupportPeg Barratt
1992-03-22Our Ties To Nature intergenerational servicePeg Barratt
1992-04-12Unitarian Universalist Haven't Got a PrayerMichael Schuler
1992-04-19The Flowers that Bloom In the Spring, Tra-la, an intergenerational serviceSusan Hagstrom and Metje Butlerc
1992-04-26Let Us Reach Out to Touch and Be One With the Natural World, and With One AnotherPeg Barratt
1992-05-31Mission to MoscowShirley and John Grindrod  
1992-06-14Pentecostal RevivalRuth Gibson
1992-06-21Life Without FatherMike Briggsc
1992-07-05Patriots and ScoundrelsErwin Knoll
1992-07-12Not Just a Way to Make a Living: Why I Like My JobJean Feraca
1992-09-20Old Testament Woman: A New ViewMichael Fox
1992-10-04Columbus - Myth and RealityHugh Danforth
1992-10-11Homophobia in the MilitaryMiriam Ben-Shalom
1992-10-25Gee, It Doesn't Seem that Long....Prairie's 25th Anniversary Celebration 
1992-11-01Our Honored Dead intergenerational serviceJackie Ziegler
1992-11-22Dear Bill...a letter to the president electMike Briggsc
1992-12-06We Are the WorldMetje and Geoff Butler
1992-12-13Epithets: Putting Down and Lifting UpMike Briggsc
1993-01-03Cowboys, Injuns, Hogan's Heroes: What Images About the 'Other' Tell Us About OurselvesRosemarie Lester
1993-01-17The Message of Martin Luther KingCheryl and Isadora Knox
1993-02-07Taking Chances: Contraceptive Risk TakingJudy Skog
1993-02-14Valentine's Day Intergenerational ServiceMike Briggsc
1993-03-07Menopause/Crone - Rites of PassageJulie Bonserc
1993-03-14Modern Rites of Passage: The First Time EverDick Bonserc
1993-03-21Small is Still BeautifulPeg Barratt
1993-03-28MegaskillsTerry Krause
1993-04-18Breaking Out of Our Stockade: problem solving techniquesTerry Krause
1993-04-25Unitarian Universalists Walking With Confucianism and TaoismJackie Ziegler
1993-05-02Advice to the Needlorn: words to live byTerry Krause
1993-05-09Mordechai Vanunu, Israel's Nuclear Weapons Whistleblower, and the Problem of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle EastSam Day, Jr.
1993-06-06Living In Tune With the EnvironmentRandy and Kathy Converse
1993-07-11Everyone Should Leave TracksGeorge Calden
1993-07-18Women Peacemakers in Northern IrelandNancy Grahamc
1993-07-25The Latest in Big Bang CosmologyMark Bernstein
1993-08-01Universalism/Racial Justice: For Such a Time as ThisJulie Bonser, Dick Bonser, and Cinda LaMarc
1993-08-29Introducing - Singing the Living TraditionDoleta Chapru
1993-09-12In the Beginning: A Look at Creation MythsAnne Urbanskic
1993-09-19The God as Archetype - Part I: The Great Goddess and the Supreme BeingAnne Urbanskic
1993-10-31The International Year of the World's Indigenous People: UN SundayPat Cautleyoos
1993-11-07Unplug the Christmas Machine: Holiday Inventory, or Who Does What?Judy Skog
1993-11-14Unplug the Christmas Machine: What's Really Important?Judy Skog
1993-12-05Unplug the Christmas Machine: Plans for ChangeJudy Skog
1993-12-12Precious MemoriesGeorge Caldenoos
1993-12-19Why the Pygmy DanceRick Rueckingc
1994-01-09Evolving Religions: Reconstructionist Jews and UUBarb Park, Dick Bonser, Jackie Kaplan, Karen Shevet Dinahc
1994-01-16Honoring Martin Luther KingBob Reuschlein
1994-01-30White PrivilegeNancy Graham and Rosemary Dorneyc
1994-03-20The Ranking GamePat Watkins
1994-03-27Environmental JusticeJudy Skog and Nancy Grahamc
1994-04-10Roots: Our Personal Religious HeritageBarb Parkc
1994-05-08Raising Our Voices for ChildrenPeg Barratt
1994-05-15Is There Still Meaning for Today in Universalist Ideology?Barb Parkc
1994-05-22Ages and StagesErin Boschc
1994-06-26Planning for the LandCaryl Terrell
1995-01-08Seeing the Aesthetic: Can It Be Religious?ellsworth snyder
1995-01-29The Path To CreativityCinda LaMar
1995-02-05Who's Calling the Shots?: Responding Effectively To Children's Fascination With War and War ToysRachel Siegfriedc
1995-02-12Intergenerational serviceRE middle schooloos
1995-02-19Housing for AllAlice and Lee Bullen oos
1995-02-26Never Again Campaign: Hiroshima Testimony through PaintingsTomoko Ukei oos
1995-03-05Been In the Storm So Long: African-American Unitarian UniversalistsJonalu Johnstone oos
1995-03-12What's Wrong With Welfare Reform?Ruth Conniff oos
1995-03-19Handicapped Access;" "Domestic ViolencePanel: Nancy Anderson; Kathleen Crennizk; with Betty Jallings oos
1995-03-26Issues in Welfare ReformNan Brien oos
1995-04-02Process Philosophy and Theology: A Unitarian Universalist Spirituality for the 21st CenturyJackie Ziegler
1995-04-09Experiences In Legal Defense of WelfareLouise Trubek oos
1995-04-23Report from Cairo Population ConferenceCharlotte Zieve
1995-05-07A Jury of One's Peers? What's wrong with the jury system and what Dane County is doing to fix itPat Watkins oos
1995-05-21Transitions, an intergenerational serviceErin Bosch and Anne Pryor oosc
1995-06-11Speaking Truth To PowerRobert Alpern oos
1995-06-25Fifteen Years In the Developing WorldDave Johnsonc
1995-07-09American Society Through Chinese EyesSam Lin oos
1995-07-23A Celebration of FriendshipChanning-Murray oos
1995-07-30The Allied Drive NeighborhoodJackson Tiffany oos
1995-08-06UU General AssemblyJulie Bonser, Cinda LaMar, and Pat Watkinsc
1995-08-20Neither Abridged Nor DeniedPat Watkins oos
1995-08-27Summer Music SpecialBarb Park and Rosemarie Lester oosc
1995-09-10The Road...TakenBarbara Rames
1995-09-24Vietnam: Healing and ReconciliationMike Boehm oos
1995-10-08Can Humans Save the Earth from Humans?Michael Sheehy oos
1995-10-151000 YearsGreg Schultz oos
1995-10-22UN 50th AnniversaryPat Cautley oos
1995-10-29Beijing Women's ConferenceJane Lind and Susan Munkres oos
1995-12-03Land Stewardship: The Nature Conservancy in WisconsinRobert Dahl oos
1995-12-10Let Every Little Light ShineGeorge Calden, Barbara Rames and Mike Briggs oos
1995-12-17Christmas intergenerational serviceJohn-Brian Paprock & Erin Boschc
1995-12-24A program of traditional Christmas readings and carolsBarbara Park & Mike Briggs oosc
1995-12-31That Was the Year That WasBob Reuschlein oos
1996-01-07EmersonBarbara Rames
1996-01-14Million Man MarchCephus Childs oos
1996-01-21Early UnitariansArliegh Birchler oos
1996-01-28What Does It Mean to Be A Religious Liberal in Madison, Wisconsin?Anne Urbanskic
1996-02-04How To Be a Good Ancestor: An Ecological Look at Life Being TrashedHugh Iltis oos
1996-03-17MendelsohnWarren Hagstrom oosc
1996-03-24Spring EquinoxNancy Vedder-Shults oos
1996-03-31The Chalice and the BladeBetty Jallings oos
1996-04-07Fun is a Family Value, intergenerational serviceDoleta Chapru oos
1996-04-21Mordecai VanunuSam Day oos
1996-04-28Beltane: Celebrating Passion and PartnershipNancy Vedder-Shults oos
1996-05-05Uncle Tom's CabinBetty Jallings oos
1996-05-19Transitions intergenerational serviceErin Boschc
1996-06-23W-2 - Welfare DeformBarbara Herrick oos
1996-06-30Northern IrelandAndrew Somers oos
1996-07-21The Truth About FictionFran Zell oos
1996-07-28Unitarians in Rumania TodayRuth Gibson and Feketa Bela oos
1996-08-31Founders' DayArleigh Birchler
1996-09-08Education Builds FuturesPaul Soglin
1996-09-15Dance of the StorytellerReid Miller
1996-09-22Criminal JusticeEsther Heffernan
1996-09-29Virtual Chicken SoupBob Dopp oos
1996-10-06The Virtual Medical RecordJudy Faulkner oos
1996-10-27Gender Socialization and HomophobiaMary Mullen oosc
1996-11-17Annual Meeting & serviceRick Ruecking
1996-12-15Lesbian Gay and Bisexual PerspectivesMary Mullen oosc
1997-01-26Earth's StewardshipBrent Haglund
1997-02-09UUA Resolution on Toxic Threats to ChildrenWarren Porter oos
1997-02-23Gold Keys and Blue Ribbons: Internet Security and CensorshipAl Nettleton oosc
1997-03-02Jeopardies to Civil Liberties from New TechnologiesCarole Doeppers
1997-03-16How Homophobia Hurts HeterosexualsMary Mullenoosc
1997-03-23From Porches and Sidewalks to 6-Lanes and Cul de Sacs: The Evolution of American NeighborhoodsDave Cieslewiczoos
1997-03-30Swing Into Spring intergenerational serviceReid Miller
1997-04-20This Little Light of Mine: Individual and Community Strategies Regarding HomophobiaMary Mullenoosc
1997-04-27Being Digital TodayAl Nettleton oosc
1997-05-04Race in the 90s: Can't We All Just Get Along on TV?Gail Coover
1997-05-11How the Irish Saved Civilization with MusicWarren Hagstromc
1997-06-08Personal Strategies for Emotional HealingDoleta Chapru and panel
1997-06-15The Images We Live With IRosemarie Lester and Nikki Bromberg
1997-06-22The Images We Live With IIRosemarie Lester and Nikki Bromberg
1997-06-27An Indian ExperienceJoanne Seckman
1997-07-13What Drum Do You March To?Social Action Committee
1997-07-20A Practical Experience In Conflict TransformationJody Whelden
1997-08-03Report on 1997 UU General AssemblyNancy Graham and Pat Watkinsoosc
1997-08-10Community, Village and Other BuzzwordsChanning Murray membersoos
1997-08-17Buddhist PhilosophyPhran Khru Warasak
1997-08-24Rise Up and Call Her NameNancy Vedder-Shults
1997-08-31Whatever Happened to Social JusticeMidge Miller
1997-09-07Building Community at PrairieErin Boschc
1997-09-14Racism from a Global PerspectiveGail Coover
1997-09-28Issues in Public EducationRay Allen
1997-10-05The Homeless and the HungryGail Loder
1997-10-19Interethnic Community and IdentityGail Coover
1997-10-26Our Global Community: The UN and UUSCPat Watkins
1997-11-02My Communion With Nature in Door CountyKaren Gross
1997-11-09Tracing Jewish Life Through CookingPhoebe Rosebearoos
1997-11-16Issues of Diversity in Public EducationVirginia Hendersonoos
1997-11-23Abraham's Dream: Two and a half months in South IndiaDave and Marcia Johnsonoosc
1997-11-30Thanksgiving Intergenerational ProgramRandy and Kathy Converse, Robin Carré, Mei Lien, Judy and Toby
1997-12-07Christmas Eve: From the Outside Looking InRosemarie Lesteroos
1997-12-14El Nino and Wisconsin WeatherMatthew Menneoos
1997-12-21Intergenerational Solstice and Symbol Tree CelebrationErin Boschoosc
1998-01-18Revealing the Contents of Our Character: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther KingGail Cooveroos
1998-01-25About 'Living with Heart'Anne Pryor
1998-02-01The Spirituality of HuntingDennis Presser
1998-02-08Suffer the Little ChildrenPat Watkinsoos
1998-02-15Valentine's Day Intergenerational ProgramEric Schroeder, Ian Parkc
1998-02-22Woman the HunterKeri Beheler-Amassoos
1998-03-01Welsh Voices in UnitarianismBarbara Rames
1998-03-15Extending Equality Beyond HumanityJackie Ziegleroos
1998-03-22Minority Student Education in MadisonKaleem Caireoos
1998-03-29Political Correctness: Using language to include versus using language to censorGail Cooveroos
1998-04-05Moving Through Conflict: Lessons from life and researchRebecca Dumlaooos
1998-04-12Easter Intergenerational ServiceAnne Pryor
1998-04-19Who are you UU?Al Nettletonoosc
1998-04-26Richard Rogers and his collaboratorsWarren Hagstromoosc
1998-05-03To Life - L'Chaim!George Caldenoos
1998-05-10Embracing DifferenceGail Coover
1998-05-17Taking Care of Business: The Soul of SellingOrange Schroederoos
1998-05-24Transitions Intergenerational ServiceErin Bosch and Robin Carréoosc
1998-06-14Homelessness: Experiencing and RespondingZoe Murphyoos
1998-06-21The Boy Scouts of America and the Right of ConscienceDoleta Chapru
1998-07-12Volunteer work at Oxford federal prisonDave and Marcia Johnsonc
1998-07-19The UW Arboretum - Green Prairie and the Savannah ProjectMolly Fifield Murray
1998-08-02The Realities of Sister City in the Post-Cold War Era: the Madison-Arcatao ProjectMaria Hansa and Mark Rosenthaloos
1998-08-09A Day in the Life of a Western Monk in ThailandLarry Nahlikoos
1998-08-16Why We Go To WarBob Reuschlein
1998-08-23Vippassana MeditationNikki Brombergoos
1998-08-30If I Were a Rich Man or Woman: What and to Which Causes Would I Give?Pat Watkins
1998-09-06Putting Labor Back in Labor DayBetty Jallings and Karen Gross
1998-09-13Introduction to Prairie People, Programs, and Religious EducationErin Boschoosc
1998-09-20Off the Top of Your HeadGeorge Calden
1998-09-27The UUA and the Struggle to Eliminate Land MinesBob Alpernoos
1998-10-04Health, Equity and Social JusticeCindy Haqoos
1998-10-18Sidney and GodAnne Urbanski
1998-10-25Medical Aid to IraqKathy Kellyoos
1998-11-01All Souls' DayRuth Caldenoosc
1998-11-08Poverty in Dane CountySteve Pierceoos
1998-11-15Doctor/Patient RelationshipsCindy Haq and Gary Giorgioos
1998-11-22Religion and Art: a Buddhist PerspectiveNgawang Chojor
1998-12-06Death and DyingGary Giorgi and Cindy Haqoos
1998-12-13TransformationsDeb Phelps and Mary Mullenc
1999-01-10Fulfilling the PromiseKen Skogoos
1999-01-17Getting to Know YouAllied Drive-Dunn's Marsh residents and service providersoos
1999-01-24Hunting for HopeRick and Marilyn Ruecking
1999-01-31The Spirituality of Small Book PublishingFran Zelloos
1999-02-07Hunger and Food SecuritySteve Pierce and Jonathan Baderoos
1999-02-14Valentine's Day - Simple Acts of Love" (Intergenerational)Lisa Glueck and Rachel Longc
1999-02-21Ethical Issues and Quality at the End of LifeCindy Haq and Gary Giorgioos
1999-02-28Homelessness in Dane CountyMarilyn Feiloos
1999-03-07Shrines and Grottoes of the Wisconsin LandscapeAnne Pryoroos
1999-03-14The Madison GospelairesWill and Dot Williams
1999-03-21Introduction to her series, The Church Across the StreetOrange Schroederoos
1999-03-28All About BahaiOrange Schroeder's Bahai speaker
1999-04-18Sharing in our Spiritual Community (panel discussion about our experiences April 11)Orange Schroeder paneloos
1999-04-25Windows to the WorldDavid Giffeyoos
1999-05-02Prairie People Serve: How Are We Living up to Our UU Principles?Doleta Chapruoos
1999-05-09Franz Liszt: A Really Romantic ComposerWarren Hagstrom, with music by members of the congregationoosc
1999-05-16Developing a Prairie Mission StatementKen Skogoos
1999-06-20Vacations: Miracles and DisastersRick Ruecking
1999-07-11Relationships: The Heart of CommunityMary Sykes
1999-07-18Protection and Advocacy For the Most Vulnerable Members of Our CommunityMary Sykes
1999-08-08War on DrugsNancy Grahamc
1999-08-22Photographic Images of Our LivesNikki Brombergoos
1999-08-29Interfaith Cooperation: The MUM StoryMary Kay Baumoos
1999-09-26Thinking Like LeonardoRobin Carréoos
1999-10-03Hunting for Hope: How Art Enriches Our LivesMarilyn and Rick Ruecking
1999-10-10Madison Equal Opportunity CommissionAnthony Brownoos
1999-10-17Family Ritual: Hunting for HopeRick Ruecking
1999-10-31All Souls' Day CelebrationRuth Calden and Lisa Glueckc
1999-11-14Journey Toward Wholeness SundayPat Watkins
1999-11-21Conspicuous ConsumptionWarren Hagstromoosc
1999-12-05The Welcoming TableMary Ann Macklin
1999-12-19Symbol Tree ServiceRE high school classoos
2000-01-09Do We Consume Things or Do They Consume Us?Pat Watkinsoos
2000-01-16Our Korean FriendsWarren Hagstrom and Doleta Chapruoosc
2000-01-23Duke Ellington: Music of the SoulDoleta Chapru and Warren Hagstromoosc
2000-01-30Planned ParenthoodHilde Surbaugh
2000-02-06Black History in Song, Poetry and ProsePat Watkins
2000-02-20The TricksterWarren Hagstromoosc
2000-02-27Respectful Disagreement: Between Nicey-Nice and Spilling BloodJennifer Parker and Doleta Chapru
2000-03-05Regeneration Through MusicKay Frazieroos
2000-03-12The Parish Poll: Congregational Directives for General AssemblyPat Watkinsoos
2000-03-19Richard Feynman: A Curious CharacterWarren Hagstrom and Al Nettletonoosc
2000-03-26Emily Dickinson: Musical Settings of her PoemsDoleta Chapru and Warren Hagstromc
2000-04-02Domestic Violence: Challenges We Face in the FutureSusan Ramspacher
2000-04-09Our Spiritual JourneysBarb Park and panelc
2000-04-16Hunting for Hope - A Word or Two from LiteratureKay Frazier, Rosemarie Lester, Rachel Long, Karen Grossoos
2000-05-14In Praise of BicyclesOsh Anderson
2000-05-21Ages and StagesErin Boschc
2000-06-04If Peacemakers Are Blessed, Is the Voice of the Minority Cursed?Helen Bishopoos
2000-06-18ColombiaMary Sanderson
2000-06-25Protest in Seattle, The World Trade OrganizationJack Barisonzioos
2000-07-09Protests Against the World Bank and IMF in Washington DCDan Rodman
2000-07-16Family Farm DefenderAlicia Leinberger
2000-08-06Living the Dream: The Census Calls Us NomadsDick and Julie Bonser and Nancy Grahamc
2000-08-20Prairie Jam SessionPrairie musicians
2000-08-27Women and GlobalizationMargaret Thompson
2000-09-03Experiencing PrairieErin Bosch, Mary Mullenc
2000-09-10Good Things About the Religions We've LeftDoleta Chapru and paneloos
2000-09-24Owning Religious EducationDori Davenport
2000-10-01Welcoming CongregationMary Mullenc
2000-11-05UU's and Youth Sexuality EducationRobin Carré, Carin Bringelson and Arthur Thexton
2000-12-03The Wings of AwakeningLisa Glueck and Larry Nahlikc
2000-12-10J. S. Bach - 250th anniversary celebration (a musical biography)Warren Hagstromoosc
2000-12-24Symbol Tree CelebrationErin Boschc
2000-12-31Jubilee DayRick Ruecking
2001-01-14WAVE: Grassroots Efforts to Reduce Gun ViolenceMichael and Kim O'Grady
2001-01-28The Gospel According to the Ethnic ConnectionGeorge and Ruth Calden, Doleta Chapru, Lee Burkholderoos
2001-02-04Introduction to Our Whole Lives for AdultsRobin Carré
2001-02-18Introduction to Our Whole Lives for Adults (the sequel)Robin Carré
2001-03-04Skepticism, Character, and Joie de VieSusan Hagstromc
2001-03-11The Reason/Unreason Project: Part I (reason)Judith Strasser
2001-04-01Tricks of the MindSusan Hagstromoosc
2001-05-06The Politics of SexualityPaige Shipman
2001-05-13Contemporary American BuddhismLarry Nahlik, Lisa Glueck and Larry Mandtoosc
2001-05-20Transition SundayErin Boschc
2001-09-23Three-Dimensional ArtJean Matos
2001-09-30Deep Ecology and the UU ResolutionPer Kielland-Lund, Mike Chesney and Jennifer Olsen
2001-10-14Painting, Drawing and PrintmakingJean Matos
2001-10-28All Soul's DayRuth Calden
2001-11-18Understanding Conflict in Afghanistan and PakistanJoseph Elder and Cindy Haqoos
2001-11-25Passage of Wisdom (intergenerational service)Larry Nahlik
2001-12-23Intergenerational Symbol Tree CelebrationErin Boschc
2002-01-13Bridging the GapsRev. Sandra Ingham
2002-01-27Risking for a Better WorldAmy Owen
2002-02-03Choices for SustainabilityAileen Nettleton Sustainability Study Groupc
2002-02-17What's Love Got to Do With It?Rev. Sandra Ingham
2002-02-24Voluntary SimplicityDeep Ecology Study Group
2002-03-03Iraq: Campaign of ConscienceFrank Paynteroos
2002-03-10A Celebration in SongDan Proud
2002-04-07UUs in a NutshellErin Boschc
2002-05-05Margaret FullerRobin Proudnotes
2002-05-12IdentityRev. Shana Goodwinoos
2002-06-02Dowsing: A History and Practical ApplicationPeter Michie
2002-06-23Sights and Insights of LaosDave Zakemoosc
2002-06-30Personal Reflections from G.A.Wendy Williamsoos
2002-08-11Recycling and PerilsPeter Anderson
2002-08-25Getting ALL the News: Alternatives to the MainstreamNancy Graham/Doleta Chapruc
2002-09-15Reclaiming our Civil LibertiesJohn Nicholsdes
2002-11-10On Emigrating from CanadaBob Parkc
2003-01-26A Posse of Giddy Girls: Wyoming's Battle for Women's SuffrageDoleta Chapru
2003-02-02Peace Efforts in ColombiaBruce Miller
2004-02-22The Health of Women and Children in AfghanistanCindy Haqdes
2004-02-29The Living Tradition III: Hymns of Carolyn McDade & Shelly Jackson DenhamAl Nettletonc
2004-05-23Transitional ProgramRE Committee
2004-05-30Memorial Day Picnic at the Briggs c
2004-08-15Peace Like a River, Joy Like a FountainDan Proud and Prairie musicians
2005-08-14Mist Around the BendSusan Urban
2006-01-22Christianity from a Lutheran PerspectiveRev. Margo Peterson
2006-01-29Introduction to HinduismDr. Frank Morales
2006-02-05God's Shadow: The Archetypes of Antichrist and ApocalypseSteve Vorass
2006-04-09God, Torah, and IsraelRabbi Jonathan Biatch
2006-12-10Child Labor in India and Dalit (Untouchable) RightsJohn & Rebecca Eligentioos
2007-01-07Propaganda - An OverviewAndy Somers
2007-01-28Propaganda, Corporations, and the MediaLea Zeldinoos
2007-02-04The Myth of Romantic Love, Yesterday and TodayWarren Hagstromc
2007-02-18Honoring DarwinRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2007-03-18History of Evolution TheoryKathy Converse
2007-03-25Molly Ivins, a Heroine of our TimePaula Pachciarzoos
2007-04-01Feelings of the Heart or Open Hearts/Open MindsRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2007-04-08A Line of Poetry Strays Into MemoryMary Mullen/Anne Lundinc?
2007-04-15Evolution: How It Affects Your Daily LifeKathy Converseoos
2007-04-22John Muir, Pioneer ConservationistGalen Smithoos
2007-04-29The Current State of TibetUW Students for a Free Tibetoos
2007-07-01The Immigration Problem: A Historical PerspectiveSarah Lord
2007-07-08A Short History of Psychological Torture: Discovery, Propagation, Perfection and LegalizationDr. Alfred McCoy
2007-07-15Bring Many Questions (About UUism)Rev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2007-07-22UU Humor Erin Bosch and Robin Proudoosc
2007-07-29Celebrating Malvina Reynolds, UU Singer-SongwriterMary Mullenc?
2007-08-05River in My SoulCentral Midwest District Young Adult Steering Committee (YASC) Worship Team
2007-08-19Where Is Our P. T. Barnum, Now That We Could Use Him?Rev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2007-09-02Challenges Facing Today's WorkerRuth Gundlach
2007-09-23Breaking Barriers Between Old and NewMarion Nelson
2007-09-30G.A. InspirationMike & Norma Briggs and Barbara Parkc
2007-10-21The United Nation's role in building a peaceful world: success or failureWendy Cooperoos
2007-10-28Day of the DeadDorothy Krauseoos
2007-11-18Ways of Seeing (1st of 2)Rick Ruecking
2008-01-20Yip Harburg: Lyricist/Poet/ActivistSusan Hagstromc
2008-01-27The Transient and the Permanent Through Generational EyesRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2008-02-03Another Option for Preserving Land: Conservation CemeteriesAllison Eyring-Green - Trust for Natural Legacies
2008-02-10From Sensitivity to Inclusion: Living & Working Respectfully in a Multi-cultural CommunityGladis Benavides
2008-02-24This I BelieveMary Mullen, Jerry Simmons and Dan Proudoosc
2008-03-02Evolution of Life on IslandsThomas Givnish
2008-03-09Highlights from the American Association for the Advancement of Science ConferenceJohn & Mary Frantz
2008-03-16Carl Sandburg: A Prairie Universalist?Rev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2008-03-23Was Jesus a UU?Prairie membersoos
2008-06-08Flower Communion and its Founder, Norbert CapekRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2008-06-22Sex, Religion, Politics and the LawAndy Somer
2008-06-29The 40th Anniversary of the My Lai MassacreJoe & Joann Elder and Mike Boehm
2008-07-20Bioethics: Cases and ConundrumsMarcia Marinooos
2008-08-03The Prairie in My SoulRev. Sarah Oelbergoos
2008-08-10This I BelieveDirk Herr-Hoyman, Robin Proud, and Heidi Hughes
2008-08-17Eighteen Years in Asia and Latin America: Some Observations and ImpressionsDave and Marcia Johnsonc
2008-08-24A Journey through Bilingual EducationJamie Kobishop-Herold
2008-08-31The American Worker - From Joe Hill to Joe WalmartSteve Blank
2008-09-21Practical Acts of PeaceRandy Converse
2008-10-05The High Holidays: A Jewish Reconstructionist/Renewal approachShaarei Shamayim members
2008-10-12Iran: Myth and RealityDr. Majid Sarmadi
2008-10-19Growing Our SpiritRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2008-11-09Mending Fences, Building BridgesRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2008-11-30Prairie ReflectionsRuth Calden, Warren Hagstrom, Doleta Chapru, Al Nettletonoosc
2008-12-21A Child's Christmas in WalesRev. Ralph Tyksinskioosc
2009-01-25The Pain of War; The Joy of PeacePat Watkinsoos
2009-02-15Nurturing Respect in Our Families: at Home and in CommunityRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2009-02-22Forgiveness and JusticeAmy Owen
2009-03-01This I BelievePhyllis Long, Rachel Long, and Reuben Arnoldoos
2009-03-15From Principles and Purposes to Covenantal Relationships Part OneRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2009-03-22From Principles and Purposes to Covenantal Relationships Part TwoRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2009-03-29From Principles and Purposes to Covenantal Relationships Part ThreeRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2009-04-19Feeding the hungry in the face of the global economic crisis - for Earth DayFlorence Chenoweth
2009-04-26Ending Hunger in Our LifetimeBob Mohelnitzky
2009-05-03Curing Nature Deficit DisorderSam Dennisoos
2009-05-10Women Composers or Who was Hilda Neupert?Jim Reillyoos
2009-05-24Minding the Gaps in Our LivesRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2009-05-31The Zen of Gardens and Gardening - Prairie People Talk about the Spirituality of GardeningMary Mullenoosc
2009-06-07Found: Nuggets of Wisdom from District AssemblyKate Liu, Anne Lundin, Nancy Schraufnagel, and Dorothy Krause
2009-06-14Summer is Acomin' and the Flower CeremonyRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2009-06-21The Changing Landscape of Fatherhood Randy Converse (moderator), Kurt Gutknecht, John Eliganti, and Andy Garstoos
2009-06-28Summer ReadsRose Smithoos
2009-07-12Earth Based SpiritualityArt Shegoneeoos
2009-07-26SimplicityMulti-congregation program in Sauk City hosted by the Free Congregation of Sauk County
2009-08-02The Omnivore's Dilemma - All Prairie ReadHeidi Hughes and Mary Mullenoosc
2009-08-09A Passage to IndiaMadeline and Reuben Arnoldoos
2009-08-16UU General Assembly 2009Ingrid West and Rachel Longoos
2009-08-23Elements of NatureRev. Selena Foxoos
2009-08-30Ingathering and Water CeremonyRev. Ralph Tyksinskioosc
2009-09-06Our Challenge: Building Decent Jobs and a Just SocietyProf. Frank Emspack
2009-09-13Honoring Your Elders: Celebrating Grandparent's DayErin Bosch and Rebecca Malke-Eligantioosc
2009-09-20How Gen X Ministers are changing Unitarian UniversalismErik David Carlson
2009-09-27Yom Kippur: Ritual, Repentance, RelationshipDawn Berneyoos
2009-10-04The Rough and Tough Journey of Being-Becoming a Unitarian UniversalistRev. Ralph Tyksinskioosc
2009-10-11It Takes a Village to Raise a ChildRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2009-10-25Key Log CeremonyAt Pine Lake Camp
2009-11-01Transitions: The Rhythms of Our LivesHelen Bondoos
2009-11-15Thinking About ImmigrationJohn Powell, Leila Pine & Rosalind Woodwardoos
2009-11-29Generosity: Living Out Our Unitarian Universalist TraditionRev. Christopher Long
2009-12-06Our Lady of Hope ClinicDr. Michael Kloess
2009-12-20Symbol Tree ServiceRev. Ralph Tyksinskioosc
2009-12-27Socially Responsible InvestingNick Abtsoos
2010-01-03Looking forward to news stories in 2010Rev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2010-01-17Friends of the Deaf - Giving Help and Hope to the Deaf in GuatemalaChris Tackettoos
2010-01-24Rev. Dr. Mary J. Harrington: A Lifetime Isn't Long EnoughRachel Long
2010-01-31On Not Worshipping the TeapotTwo Prairie membersoos
2010-02-07Science education and the scientific publicProf. John Hawks
2010-02-14Reimagining Valentine's Day - Standing on the Side of LoveRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2010-02-21The Maharishi Effect: A Personal Journey Through the Movement That Transformed American SpiritualityGeoff Gilpin
2010-03-07Famous UU's You Must KnowRE Classes
2010-03-14Father and Daughter: Bronson and Louisa May AlcottRobin Proud
2010-03-21The Rev. Alison Cornish: What Can't You Eat?Rachel Long
2010-04-04Celebrating RenewalRev. Ralph Tyksinskioosc
2010-04-18Breaking Ground - Planting SeedsRobert Pierceoos
2010-04-25Pilgrimage to BostonPrairie High Schoolers
2010-05-02Terratheism: A New Way to View Science and ReligionAndrew Kerr
2010-05-16Transition SundayRE Committeeoos
2010-05-23A Visit from Margaret FullerRobin Proudoos
2010-05-30Memorial Day: Meditation, Reflection, MemoriesRev. Ralph Tyksinskic
2010-06-06Reverend Abhi Janamanchi: Faith in the BorderlandRachel Longoos
2010-06-13Capek's GiftRev. Ralph Tyksinskioosc
1989-09-10 Does Religion Have Any Redeeming Value? Warren Hagstrom c
1989-07-30 El Salvador: The Forgotten War Social Action Committee
1989-07-23 Texas Border Update: Needs & Opportunities Social Action Committee
1989-07-16 Bastille Day Service Warren Hagstrom, Malcolm Williamson c
1989-06-25 Global Bioethics Van R. Potter
1989-06-18 Father Sun's Day: Ra! Ra! Ra! (Summer Solstice) Madison CUUP
1989-06-04 What's the Future of Socialism? Clarence Kailin
1989-05-14 Linking Place and Principle Rory Nehon, Diane Derouen
1989-05-07 Hope for the Flowers Channing Murray c
1989-04-30 Rural Wisconsin Denny Caneff
1989-04-23 The Stigma of Mental Illness Diane Greenley, Robert Mohelnitzke
1989-04-16 Introducing Amnesty International Sue Hensel
1989-04-09 The Ethics of Rationing Health Care Dan Wikler
1989-04-02 If Learning Never Ends, Does Living Ever End? John Ohliger
1989-03-26 Rise and Shine: Easter Intergenerational Service Anne Pryor
1989-03-19 Blind Spots Annie Laurie Gaylor
1989-03-12 Children's Rights vs Parent's Rights Norma Briggs c
1989-02-19 Re-Dedication of the Meeting House Rachel Siegfried, Sharon Scrattish c
1989-02-12 A Kinder, Gentler Valentine's Day Warren Hagstrom c
1989-02-05 Making Peace with the East Mary Mullen, Sally Henshaw c
1989-01-29 East Asia - - - Myths and Reality Mary Mullen, Sally Henshaw, Wu Weidong c
1989-01-22 Japan and Us: Deep Differences - and Similarities? Mary Mullen c
1989-01-15 White Women, Black Men, Brown Children Pat Watkins
1987-09-06Remembering Our TeachersDorothy Wetherby
1987-09-13Peace EconomicsRobert Reuschlein
1987-09-20Locking up ChildrenLynda Lewis
1987-09-27Report Card --- Educating Every Child?Lynda Lewis
1987-10-04Children Don't WaitFrankie Fuller
1987-10-11Upham Woods Retreat
1987-10-18What Will I Be? : Finding One's Self at an Early AgeBetty Franklin
1987-10-25United Nation's Celebration: Intergenerational Serviceoos
1987-11-01Spirits of Renewal --- Prairie Passages.
1987-11-08Growing Up in Modern AfricaMichael Afolayan
1987-11-15Children As Oracles of ChangeTerry Krause
1987-11-29Prairie: Past, Present and FutureRuth Caldenc
1987-12-06Searching for ReligionLance Green
1987-12-13What is Secular Humanism?Lance Green
1987-12-20Christmas Intergenerational Service
1988-01-10A Self-Conversion to SecularismDan Barker
1988-01-17The Dream Today --- It Still Ain't Easy: Intergenerational Serviceoos
1988-01-31Religion: Legalities and LimitsRichard Jacobson
1988-02-07Prairie Religion In a MirrorLance Green
1988-02-14Scrooge 0n Valentine's DayKristy Spring
1988-02-21Humanism Through Religious EyesLance Green, Richard Schoenherr, David McKee
1988-03-13Poisonous Pedagogy vs. Non-Violent TeachingAnnis Pratt,
Laura Leigh Rampey
1988-03-20Who Knows What Evil Lurks Within The Heart? The Shadow Knows Julie Bonserc
1988-03-27There are Those too GentleChanning Murrayc
1988-04-10The Violence of 0ur KnowledgeParker Palmer
1988-04-17Do You Remember Your First Drink?Julie Bonserc
1988-04-24Bewitched, Bothered and BewilderedJulie Bonserc
1988-05-01Stephen Foster: From Pittsburg to BellevueWarren Hagstromoosc
1988-05-08Let the Sunshine InJulie Bonserc
1988-05-15Somewhere, Over the RainbowJulie Bonserc
1988-06-12PerestroikaLee Bullen
1987-08-30 Words from Behind Bars Marty Drapkin
1987-08-16 Report on Little Rock General Assembly Cinda LaMar, Lynda Lewis
1987-08-09 Of Patriotism, Soldiers and War Pat Watkins
1987-06-28 Living with Religious Differences Carla Blum-Aslam, Sahail Aslam
1987-06-21 Reflections on the Church Next Door Mary Mullen c?
1987-05-31 Time Marches On: Intergenerational Service
1987-05-17 Aging: The Best is Yet to Be? Fredericka Schilliing
1987-05-10 Aging in America Carol Ryff
1987-05-03 A Doctor's Experience in Africa Cindy Haq
1987-04-26 Addictive Behaviours Mort Pearlmutter, Liz Briskin
1987-04-12 Forum on Race Relations Angela Ramirez-Silva, Alan Caldwell
1987-04-05 Tackling Tough Topics - - - AIDS and HIV Infection Carolyn Dejoie, Dennis Maki
1987-03-29 Tackling Tough Topics - - - Homeless & Hungry Carolyn Dejoie, Clare Stapleton-Concord
1987-03-22 Handel's Birthday Warren Hagstrom oos c
1987-03-15 Tackling Tough Topics - - - Holistic Health Carolyn Dejoie, Alan Levine
1987-03-08 Tackling Tough Topics - - - Gambling Carolyn Dejoie, Fred Risser, Debra Jenkins
1987-03-01 Tackling Tough Topics - - - Parapsychology Carolyn Dejoie, Walter Uphoff
1987-08-22 A Liberal Mens' Agenda for the 1980s Jim Novak
1987-08-15 Elm Farm Ollie Day Celebrations Barbara James
1987-02-08 Humanizing the Workplace Barbara James
1987-02-01 Global Theology in a Pluralistic Age Sunrit Mullick
1987-01-18 Politicians & Bureaucrats Stanley York
1987-01-11 If You Miss Me at the Back of the Bus: Intergenerational Service Mary Mullen c
1987-01-04 Resolutions for 1987
1986-12-28 We Have Met the Bureaucrat, and He is Us Barbara James
1986-12-21 A U.U. Christmas
1986-12-14 Is This Bureaucracy Necessary? Barbara James
1986-12-07 Introducing the Musical Bureaucracy Barbara James
1986-11-30 Dare When the Night is Darkest Annis Pratt c
1986-11-16 Rediscovering the Power of the Theater Ted Swetz
1986-11-09 Woodie Guthrie Or "I Ain't Gonna Be Treated Thisa-Way" George Calden
1986-10-26 Me and Eleanor Rachel Siegfried c
1986-10-05 A Refusenick Trapped in the Soviet Union George Calden
1986-09-21 Barbara Savage: Around the World on a Bicycle George Calden c
1986-09-14 The Liberation Theology of Father Carney George Calden
1986-08-31 Violence and Non-Violence in Central America Chris Smith
1986-08-24 We Affirm and Promote Gordon Gibson
1986-08-10 Growing Pains
1986-07-13 From Pogo to Tosca Elisabeth Jones
1986-06-08 Work & Song in Literature Pat Watkins, Mike Briggs, Barb James, Joe Lawrence c
1986-05-18 A U.U. Home Companion Gordon Gibson
1986-05-11 Where Are The Answers? Judy Spring
1986-05-04 What's on the Minds of Young Adults? Judy Spring, Channing Murray
1986-04-27 UU Service Committee----What We are Doing Lee Bullen
1986-04-20 Uncle Sam Doesn't Want You: One Woman's Struggle to Rejoin the Army Miriam Ben Shalom
1986-04-13 Comes a Volunteer Pat Watkins
1986-04-06 Science & Religion: Personal Connections Elisabeth Jones, Lance Green
1986-03-30 Rainbows and Renewal Judy Spring
1986-03-23 What Does Liberal Religion Mean? Elisabeth Jones
1986-03-16 Experiments in U.U. Ritual Elisabeth Jones
1986-03-09 Lights, Camera, Action--Spirituality in Sports, Dance, Martial Arts Elisabeth Jones, Mary Mullen, Norma Briggs, David McKee, Phillip Zarrilli c
1986-03-02 Gaia, The Living Earth Anne Forbes, Jim Lorman
1986-02-16 What Comes Next? On Death & Dying & Its Effects on the Living. Judy Spring
1986-02-09 Valentine's Intergenerational Love Story Alice Bullen, Many Beth O'Halloran
1986-02-02 A Celebration of the Sun Judy Spring
1986-01-26 Reproductive Rights-- No Easy Choice Barbara Kavadios, Mary Mullen, Shirley Czoschke. Fredericka Schilling c
1986-01-19 I'll Be Late Again, Honey Marty Drapkin
1986-01-12 Sanctuary Refugee Jose Riva, Leslie Rothaus
1986-01-05 Back to the Future Pat Watkins
1985-12-29 Get Rid Of That Guilt Marty Drapkin
1985-12-22 A Season for Celebration Mary Mullen, Fredericka Schilling, Anne Forbes c?
1985-12-15 Close Encounters: The Rationalist & The Mystic Elisabeth Jones
1985-12-08 Sound & Silence: The Tuning of the World Elisabeth Jones, Neal Ewers
1985-11-24 Celebration of Thanks for Life Mary Beth O'Halloran
1985-11-17 Life Without Work Pat Watkins, Doleta Chapru, Marty Drapkin, Jack Jallings, Rachael Siegfried
1985-11-10 Is Work Satisfying? Marty Drapkin, Martha Fineman, Gerald Beroldi, Pat Watkins
1985-11-03 Whaddya Wanna Be When You Grow Up? Marty Drapkin
1985-10-27 Life After 40 For the United Nations Pat Cautley
1985-10-19 Talent Show at Upham Woods retreat c
1985-10-13 What Time Is It? Judy Spring
1985-10-06 When Will Prejudice End? or You've Got To Be Carefully Taught Judy Spring, Doleta Chapru, Fredericka Schilling, Pat Watkins, David Lake, Shirley Grindrod
1985-09-29 Unanswered Questions-- Why Do We Keep Looking for Answers? Judy Spring
1985-09-22 Connections: The Earth, The People, The Universe Elisabeth Jones
1985-09-08 What is Spirituality? Elisabeth Jones
1985-08-04 Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream Judy Spring, Fredericka Schilling. Mary Mullen c
1985-06-02 Coming Of Age Rosemary Dorney
1985-05-05 Prairie Creators Doleta Chapru and Prairie members
1985-04-28 From the Belly of the Whale: Saga of a Black Family Pat Watkins
1985-04-21 Adult Day Programs for Madison's Emotionally Disabled People Doleta Chapru, Marcus McCoy
1985-04-14 Toughing It Out on the Colorado Plains Doleta Chapru
1985-03-24 Winnebago History & Contemporary Issues Janice Beaudine
1985-03-17 Discovering 0urselves Again Ilda Thomas
1985-03-10 Refugees: Past, Present & Future Mariellen Kuehn, Harry Kuehn
1985-02-17 Central Midwest District Executive, What The Denomination Is and Does Denise Tracy
1985-02-03 Artistic Presentations: By & About Men
1985-01-20 Violence and Aggression Dan Saunder
1985-01-13 William Carlos Williams: Poet Nancy Hartog
1984-12-30 The Effect of Pornography on Man Dan Linz
1984-12-23 Holiday Program
1984-12-16 Male Messages: Growing Up Male Ian Harris
1984-12-09 Are There Men's Issues? Geoff Bonser, David McKee, Rick Reucking c
1984-11-25 Why a Woman Minister? panel c
1984-10-07 Canada's October Crisis, 1970 Les Lyons
1984-09-30 Are Music & Religion Strange Bedfellows? Ellsworth Snyder, Les Lyons, Susan Chapman
1984-09-23 Cultures of the Andes: Ancient & Modern Dave Zakem c
1984-08-05 Summer Concert Warren Park, Mike Briggs, Joe Laurence c
1984-07-29 Making It On Our 0wn Rachel Siegfried c
1984-07-22 How Do You Say It: America Dialects Joan Hall
1984-05-06 Rituals, Liturgies, Ceremonies Diane, Worzalla
1984-04-29 Report on Trip to Texas/Mexico Border Mary Mullen c
1984-04-15 One Man Looks at His Jewish Heritage Michael Wieden
1984-03-04 Final Choices Mary Lou Munts, Arnoldus Goudsmit, Rick Ruecking, Marybeth Plane
1984-02-26 Dimitri Shostakovich: Music, Revolution & Tyranny Warren Hagstrom oos c
1984-02-05 Music Among Friends: Franz Schubert Warren Hagstrom oos c
1983-12-18 Christmas/Winter Solstice Celebration Erin Bosch oos c
1983-12-11 Mozart: Music in the family Warren & Lois Hagstrom oos c
1983-09-25 Criminals and Sinners Among Us? Marty Drapkin and Bob West
1977-01-23 What Does Religion Mean to You? Do You Define Yourself as Religious? Warren Hagstrom
1976-05-23 Final Spring Ritual and Prairie Ceremony
1976-05-16 Strange Things That Go in a Circular Motion Annis Pratt
1976-05-09 Swiss Cheese, Wormholes, and Talking Bicycles Annis Pratt?
1976-04-25 Political Game Playing: The Chippewa River Dam Struggle
1976-04-18 Family Easter Service
1976-04-11 Shaker Life and Rituals Ruth Calden
1976-04-04 You Can Be Anything You Want Yourself to Be Annis Pratt
1976-03-28 Order and Chaos Joe Hoffman
1976-03-14 Quilts Annis Pratt
1976-03-07 Everything Goes in a Circular Motion Annis Pratt
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